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The 5 Step Formula
The proven blueprint for Super Charged Alignment,
that has people smashing out their goals like Manifesting Machines!
Step 1) Reconnection - Having the ability to step back and see yourself as the observer, gives you access to a Higher Perspective or your Higher Self. From there you are able to make choices that will keep you aligned with what you want, instead of reacting negatively by default because of conditioning.
Step 2) Values - Knowing what’s most important to you and exactly what you want, helps you become decisive and laser focused on your goals. It can also identify good and not so good matches. What’s important to you, might not be important to them and vice versa. The more you understand Values, the more you understand people and the more you understand people the less inclined you are to beat them up.
Step 3) Boundaries - Setting Boundaries helps you support and honour your Values. They keep you aligned with what you want and most importantly, safe and in charge of you. For those of you who manage anxiety, asserting Boundaries can feel like trying to navigate a minefield. Like everything, practice makes perfect. Start with baby steps and remember, it’s all about the delivery.
Step 4) Daily Rituals - Most conditioning comes about by repetition or an event that has left a lasting impression. Implementing Daily Rituals like Meditation and Affirmations, helps to re-programme and remove roadblocks, paving a clear way forward to what it is you’re trying to achieve.
Step 5) Letting Go - Mastering Step 1 2 3 and 4 will give you the very best chance to create anything and everything you want. Step 5 brings us full circle. When all the other steps are done, instead of holding on tighter to what you want, willing, wishing, pacing and pleading, you have let it go, reconnect and let the Universe do it’s part. you can MASTER The 5 Steps too!
Finally a framework that: 

Will cultivate in you, Unwavering Self Confidence that will 
ensure nothing gets in your way again

Unstoppable Resilience that will carry you to success, every time!

And Higher Perspectives that gift you the ability to experience pure joy 
through out your life's journey
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